Ginger's Story:
Ginger Soave currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA. She is a self-taught cake artist. Her cake decorating journey began 21 years ago when she first laid eyes on her (pre-ordered) wedding cake at the reception. After her honeymoon, she decided to take her first beginner cake class. Believe it or not, Ginger was the worst student in her class! She had to get her instructor to make her roses for her. Ginger would come home every night after cake class and practice diligently on her techniques until she mastered them.

After years of trial and error, she has refined her skills tremendously and now designs, decorates and teaches how to make custom cakes. Now, she plans to travel to cake shows all over the country to share her love of cake art. Ginger not only loves to share her knowledge but to continue learning from others, as well. And, that’s just The Icing on The Cake!


​          757.619.2371 phone
    Virginia Beach, VA location
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Ginger's Achievements:
​-Recently featured on the cover of the Tidewater Women’s Magazine, Ginger was recognized for her cake creativity.

​-She won the Virginia Beach annual award for “Best at the Beach” for her cake art.

​-Ginger’s cake artistry and talent led to her being selected to participate on Season 4 of TLC’s Next Great Baker.

​-She has taught numerous cake designs, including beginner and advanced.

​-Ginger has also created & manufactured 4 new products:  “The Custom Purse Cake Kit”, the  "SmartyStix", the "Clutch Handbag Cake Kit",  & the "Gravity Defying Bowl of Pasta Cake Kit" which are all available for purchase (more info on the Products Page).  
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