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Gravity Defying Bowl of Pasta Cake Kit
Learn how to make this beginner level gravity defying bowl of pasta cake!
16 page ​Tutorial includes:
~ How to make the Shrimp & Linguine Cake​
~ How to make the Spaghetti & Meatballs Cake
~ How to make fondant Shrimp
  Silicone Shrimp Mold Included!​
​~ How to make the cake board look like real wood with fondant
~ Pound cake, Buttercream icing, Glaze and Chocolate Ganache recipes​

This cake feeds approximately 15 people & requires no carving, drilling or hardware!
The kit itself includes:
~​​ 16 page Tutorial book
~​ Fork and Dowel Rod
~​ Silicone Shrimp Mold
~ ​Recipes for Cake, Ganache, Icing & Glaze